How to Round numbers?

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Good day to all.


I have a payroll database and am really struggling with rounding of numbers.

The calculations involve the usuall fed, fica etc.


If the fica calc is .042 * Gross Pay, should I round that calc to three, and then when the paycheck is created,

do I round that number to two?


I had all the beginning calculations rounding to the largest number of digits needed

and in paychecks rounding to 2.


Or should I round everything to two from the start?


What I'm finding is the net pay, of all things is not coming out???

Gross Pay - Fed - Fica - State - Deductions = Net Pay (but net pay is always off)

It's always off 4 cents. The taxes and deductions seem perfect, so I'm stumpted.


Does Filemaker go about this differently?


For example if I round the full digits, all the way through to paycheck, and then have paycheck 'show' only 2 digits, it works.


You'd think I answered my own question, but I have to wait until next payrun to see if my statement works.




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