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    FMGo File Size Limits


      I've been working with a client who needs to put a file containing thousands of images on FMGo for the iPad. The first file was a bit under 8GB, and iTunes was able to move it onto the iPad. Then the client decided they wanted higher resolution images, and the file size went above 10GB. iTunes would attempt to move that file on, but it failed repeatedly. Sometimes it said the file had been moved, but the moved file size was smaller, between 9 and 10 GB. I looked at moving a smaller file and then having it import data from a server to get its full record set, but that took over an hour. Since multiple iPads needed to be loaded on a weekly basis, it wasn't a practical option.


      I ended up splitting the file into two > 5GB files, and iTunes was able to move those over without a problem. Retrofitting the main file so that image display calculations conditionally used one file or the other was a pain in the backside to implement, but otherwise it worked.


      To me, the larger point is that despite what FMGo is capable of running, iTunes and/or iOS itself may be the limiting factor in the size of files that can be deployed to iOS.


      BTW, I investigated using Air Sharing to move the files on, but that app can't access the folder where FMGo files are stored.

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          Hi Chris,


          Interesting problem, and thanks for giving a heads-up about it.


          I'd not encountered it, nor heard of it previously - mostly because I've not yet had occasion to try to transfer a file of that size onto an iOS device. What you ended up doing is what I would most likely have suggested - splitting the file into editions and providing an interface to make access appear seamless. It's something I've had to do in the past for other reasons (mainly in the .fp5 days), so I know the pain. ;)


          As far as I can see, the limit you struck is not documented anywhere. Except here, now, of course.





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            Hi Chris


            I wanted to find a different method to transfer FM database files onto my iPad and I found that I could store the complete FileMaker file in a container field in another database on my server and once logged in from my iPad,  do a scripted 'Export Field Contents' from the iPad.


            My file was only 1Gb and it still took some time, but you might be able to log-in multiple iPads to the same server database and have them all downloading (over different Wi-Fi links!) at the same time.  The files end up in the FM Go list of local files.


            This may not help with your current situation, but I did like the idea of being able to remotely update FileMaker Databases on the iPad from within FileMaker.


            Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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              Hi Alan,


              The container field deployment option couldn't be used in this case because of the 4GB size limit for container fields.  It's a good option for smaller files though.





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                You might try using Dropbox.com to transfer the file. You'd need the paid account. The free one is limited to 2 GB. Anyway...it'd be an interesting test. It's an interesting way to deploy updates as well.


                You download the file in the Dropbox app and then transfer it to FileMaker Go when you open it.


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                  Dropbox works fine for me with large files in the way Tim suggests....