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Regex in FileMaker

Question asked by ysun on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by ysun

I'm trying to use Regex to extract ticket numbers from booking texts. To that end I've started testing and comparing:

  • 360Works Scribe
  • Jens Teich's RegEx Plugin
  • 2empowerFM Text Toolkit


I'm not getting the wished for result with any of them.


Yes, it's up to me to read and understand the documentation

But since if's failing with any of them... (only errors and non-matches): I can't have misread all of the docs, can I?

So, is there something special about a regex to be used within FM? The one I'm using is valid - in theory and according to both and



This is supposed to find the following string and extract just the numbers with $1:

ETKT 724 2125 586 998


Within the booking text of an eticket


ETKT 724 2125 586 998 ACN KMXE5U

ISSUED 24OCT11 13.37.46 LXZ30FD AGT 81493215 CH PNR KLLPM8





Any pointers? Maybe to another regex tool, or that you can confirm there's nothing wrong with the regex and I should read the documentation again, or whatever.