Find based on a List of Record IDs

Discussion created by james.gould on Jan 26, 2012
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We have built a solution for collecting data that is then being fed into a room booking system.


(Some of) the tables are as follows:





(Building::__id = Floor::_id_Building)

(Floor::__id = Room::_id_Floor)


My problem is that now I've been asked to export the records for a specific building... Exporting the building and the floors isn't a problem, a simple find to Building::__id and Floor::_id_Building does the trick nicely. However once I a down to the Room table (and other tables that are related to the room table) I have no easy way of finding all the Rooms that belong to a given building.


Ideally I would like to find Rooms where the Room::_id_Floor belongs to a list that I can populate using a calc [e.g. Building::%floorIdList = List ( Floor::__id ) ]...


What is the best way to acheive this? Find using a value list? Go to Related Record [Display Only Related Records] or something I haven't thought of yet?