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    How to send e-mail to the Drafts folder instead of Outbox


      In past versions of FM, scripted mail went to Drafts folder but now it goes straight to the Outbox of Outlook or Mac Mail and gets sent. When testing out new scripts or even otherwise, it would be quite desirable to have scripts send e-mails to the Dafts folder in Mac Mail or in Outlook for Mac. I tried to make a Rule in these E-mail applications but that was not possible. I would be grateful for ideas to accomplish this.



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          Kesavan, the Send Mail script step has this in the Help topic:

          Perform without dialog instructs FileMaker Pro to put the composed email message in the email application's outbox, ready to be sent. If this option is not selected, the composed message is left open in the email application so it can be reviewed. In Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Entourage on the Macintosh operating system, the new message is left in the Drafts folder.



          Do you have the checkbox "Perform without dialog" checked or not? and does it make a difference?


          TIP: I will have my computer off network (wifi, ethernet, etc.) while testing these kinds of things. No mail can go out that way. You can then delete them before going back on network. But if you are working on the Hosted files (with FileMaker Server), then you can't do this!