memory leak when printing from preview mode

Discussion created by davidfencik on Jan 27, 2012

If your script goes to preview mode and then prints, memory consumption of Filemaker Pro increases, and does not go back down until Filemaker Pro is closed. If you do a lot of printing this way, you end with a LOT of wasted memory. We've seen up to about 700MB of memory used by one Filemaker process (instead of the normal ~160MB with default memory reservation setting). I've observed this behavior using Filemaker Pro 11 on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced on Windows Server 2003.


The workaround is simple, you just have to go back to browse mode before printing.


In a terminal services environment, where there are lots of users using Filemaker Pro on one server, this problem is severe.



Dave Fencik