Calendar over WAN

Discussion created by paulspafford on Jan 27, 2012
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I have a client who I created a runtime for a few years ago. At the time I wasn't worried about network performance, since it was on a runtime, but now he's hired a virtual assistant and wants it networked.


This calendar 6 records, and each has seven portals on it. So that's 42 portals based on a global field and some unstored calcs. Performance sucks. Whenever he switches dates, it takes anywhere from five to eight seconds to refresh.


First thing I tried: I made each record related to just a week, with seven filtered portals for the days of the week. That's no faster.


Then: I made a virtual list table with a script that grabs all the sessions in that date range and sets them into variables. Then it has 42 portals on a single record layout that are all based on a cartesian relationship, but are filtered to a different date in the range.


That's no faster. The script is reasonably fast, but the screen redraw is still pretty slow.


Any other ideas? Do I want to have a single record with 42 repeating repeating fields, maybe?