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    Okay, here's an off-the-wall question...


      This is a completely theoretical question, but it would be nice to hear what you all have to say...


      The programming language that I have the most experience in is C++. At times it has come in handy to create a "journal" to document the steps I have taken in pinpointing/resolving bugs in the code. Usually a text file added to the project will suffice. Well, FM is a little different in that the file is the project and it looks to me like there is the script module and the database module and no other objects available for use as the journal container (though please remember that I am still young as an FM code writer). How might one include a journal in an FM project? I considered just creating a script called "journal" and just filling it full of comments. I have no doubt that that would work, but it would be cumbersome.


      Any thoughts?





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          There are multiple options that you can use, and it's really going to come down to personal preference.


          The script idea would work, and depending onthe frequency of use may be your best bet. A simple ctrl+shift+s will pull the script manager up.


          Another solution could be to create a hidden layout with a single field to enter the journal data.


          Another one would be to create a whole table dedicated to bug tracking to let you keep each bug/mod/addition separate for easy viewing. Just just throw the a portal on a hidden layout to view/add to it. This option would be my preference. It should only take 5 minutes to setup, and it'll be more organized than the other methods.

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            If it's not at the deployment stage, I make "notes" on the layout I'm altering. And I heavily comment my scripts! These help while in development. Removing the "notes" for development, doesn't "log" them, however. Yes, create a new table or separate file and with the use of container fields, you can add screenshots. Only you (and other developers would have access to this table.



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              Personally, I would love to see the notes of other developers to see what kind of changes were made - especially if multiple developers have their hands on it.

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                I use a script trigger or custom menu set ( Developer Menu ) to have a shortcut to open a separate window or dialog where I can enter notes as I work.  Since it is only available on the menu set, and that set is only installed when I log in...it's very handy. 


                It picks up the Table name, Table Occurrence, Layout Name, etc.  It all pulls in from a custom function, that I believe I picek up from Matt Petrowsky.