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    conditional value lists


      Does someone know a good tutorial out there for conditional value lists? Thanks.

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          What I want to do specifically is show in a value list only clients who have "Active" in the Client Status field.

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            WRossJames wrote:

            What I want to do specifically is show in a value list only clients who have "Active" in the Client Status field.


            Hi WRossJames,


            There are various sources you could consult, but in fact it is pretty straightforward.


            Conditional value lists are filtered by relationships, so to show only clients with Active in the Client Status field, you first need to create a relationship that will isolate all the Active client records.


            To do that, I suggest you create a calculation field (in any convenient table, even a utility table added for the purpose) that returns a text result. Specify the calculation to return the literal text "Active" and set it to global storage. Then create a relationship between the calculation field and a table occurrence (TO) of your clients table, matching (=) the calculation to the Client status field.


            With the relationship in place, you'll be able to set up a value list to use values from a field. Choose the TO that your relationship (as above) points to, and locate the field you want to take values from (eg client name or ID etc). The, in the area at the lower middle of the Specify Fields for Value List dialog, choose the radio button option labelled "Include only related values starting from:" and in the adjacent drop-down list, select the TO where your calculation field (the one that returns "Active") resides.


            That's basically it, the relationship will filter the client records by client status and the value list will return the values from selected field(s) in the corresponding records - ie for all records where the value in the Client Status field is 'Active'.





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