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    Need Help


      I am developing a new technique, it is working pretty good but it is a bit glitchy. Is anyone here good at working with webviews and how "Stacks" work.



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          Sorry Kaostika,


          But I did learn some things about it here:



          - Lyndsay

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            What is "webviews", Oreste?


            And how are you working with Stacks? I use lists in a variable as stacks and I can pull with any direction (FIFO, LIFO, or pull out in any value in the list). How you push to the stack may or may not matter.



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              Could the returned values array from an XML or PHP call be considered a stack?


              - Lyndsay

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                Ok here is what I am doing.  I created a demo file.  It has a web viewer. It is set to go to google.com.  I then have a second web viewer set to monitor to monitor the first one.  It has no website in it.  Just a calculation, that says if the URL changes make a SQL record.   When I click around in the first web viewer, the second one creates records of the website address you visited.   The goal here is to find a way to see when a user clicks in a button in the web viewer.   It works well.  But I need to find a way of running a script with it. 


                Make sure you go to the layout caled sql history works and have a second window open so you can see the records being made.   The are in the Status layout.


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                  I am not sure if stack it the right word.  I am thinking I need to know when things resolve and in what order.

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                    kaostika wrote:

                    ...I need to find a way of running a script with it.


                    Hi Oreste,


                    A couple of options occur to me, but you may not like either of them.


                    One option would be to consider using a plug-in (eg a script triggering plug-in) that you can call conditionally from the calculation in the second web viewer, in order to run a script.


                    Another alternative if the solution is hosted and you have CWP running, would be to have the second web viewer load a URL that instructs PHP to run a script on the server. However the script will run asynchronously and you won't get a result back. If that's not suitable for whatever reason, you may need to look into the plug-in route.





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                      Hi, I was using a script plugin like you said. (360 works scriptmaster)  The issue is that it doesnt seem to run well.  It seems to lock up the system as it is constantly trying to run.