Just Learning FileMaker and Need Help

Discussion created by dcwells on Jan 28, 2012
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I have done some developement in Access and am now trying to create something in FileMaker that is driving me nuts. I want to create a database that, after information is entered, will export and html and .smil file to create a synced streaming media page. The info that will be entered in will be project title, speaker, etc., but also timing information on each slide presented. I was hoping to have one page to enter the info, then an import button that will allow you to import a text file with the slide number, title and time the slide changed. I want these items to be displayed on one page so you can adjust the timings of when the slide enters. I thought this would be easy to to have one table with project info, then another table that would be linked that would hold the slides info. I created the slide info Table and imported a very simple file:


Slide01 Slide Title One 00:00:00

Slide02 Slide Title Two 00:00:10

Slide03 Slide Title Three 00:00:20

Silde04 Slide Title Four 00:00:30

Slide05 Slide Title Five 00:00:40


The problem I have is that it created five seperate records and I am not sure how to have it display one record with any number of entries.


I don't really know FileMaker or database tools for that reason - I'm a video guy who is just trying to create a tool where I can mass produce content. Any help would be appreciated.