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Undefined Relationship and Value Lists exist in Converted files

Question asked by Stephen Huston on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Stephen Huston

My turn to pose a stumper...


In cleaning up some old files inherited with a huge system, I found that one set of files had an existing relationship which had NO KEY defined on one end.


The same file(s) contained 2 undefined Value Lists -- no VL name and no source defined.


All of the files involved were copies created from a common file years ago which had been migrated from v5 to v7 after years of use. These files have all been use since conversion without these being noticed. It was only when I went looking under the hood to do something else that I stumbled onto these problems.


The Value Lists have the added peculiarity that they cannot be either Edited or Deleted. Those buttons appear active if either VL is selected, but they don't work. So I can't delete them or fix them (if I even had a clue what they should be).


Any idea how this happened? Is it some weird artifact of file conversion? Any ideas for remedying either problem?


Manage Value Lists:




Undefined end of the TO relationship:



Note there is no field selected in the lower TO, but the link remains. If I open the "=" link to define it, the field on the other end is selected, but this TO has no field selection. I can cancel out of there and it remains undefined. I can even make other changes in the Define Database and save without affecting this faulty relationship.


Thanks for any ideas. I've never encountered either of these aberrations before.


Stephen Huston