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How to keep script from skipping steps when called from PHP page?

Question asked by mbust on Jan 28, 2012
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Can someone please help me find the answer to this problem? I have a script that does a server side search, then, on the found set, it sorts, goes to the first record and replaces a field (FoundQuery) with the number 1 for the entire found set. (That way, a PHP search can just search another layout for the 1 in that field, and not in the original, very large field. This makes the search quicker since the new layout only has to contain a field with a number one and a few other pieces of information, instead of the original field that contains about 25K characters per record). The problem I have is that when I run the script through PHP, the script skips steps, including the replace step (which is set to not display the dialog box to be server compatible). Most of the script runs fine, otherwise, and completes without complaining. If I run the script directly (by opening the database remotely), the script runs just fine without skiping any steps. I woud love to find a way to correct this. A slower path, telling the script to loop through the records, also skips and does not replace any fields, even if I use the commit command. The odd thing is that the script does run, variables before and after these steps to declare, and other steps work fine.


I'm running FM Pro 11 Advanced.


Thanks for any help anyone can give me.