Filemaker Recovery Finds Deleted Table and Images

Discussion created by Tom_Droz on Jan 29, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2012 by Tom_Droz

I recently ran recovery on a good database just to see if it would report any errors.


I was surprised to find it 'recovered' 2 tables I had previously removed. The tables are not on my layouts or are they in my relationship graph. How can I find and remove these so they would not reappear when I run recover?


Also I had a table show up that had all the graphics I have imported in to Filemaker (via Filemaker’s insert command). That doesn’t seem right. Is there some better way to bring graphics in to Filemaker that will not show up as a new table when you run a recover?


Thanks in advance for any ideas how to resolve and prevent this in the future.