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Filtering by current date from parent to child related table.

Question asked by tcenguyen on Jan 29, 2012
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Hi all,

I am new to FileMaker and in the processing of learning it. I love it, however I got stuck how to make make it work they way I needed it to be.


I have two tables , Activity tabble and Supplement table.

1. Activity table record all the activity that user enter his or her activity by TEXT, I do have __ActicityID as the Primary key for it, Activity as TEXT so use can type; and Date and Time field with Auto Created and Can not modify.

2. Supplement table is the very much like the Activity table but with ONE additonal field format as TEXT so user can enter the Supllement to the ACTIVITY ID +


Question: How Can I display only record that Created as today + ::Activity or Current date in the Supplement Table, so user can select it the Layout of the Supplement.


I have try to use the gdate as global and the function of get (currentdate) but I am not sure I did it corectly.


Please advice.