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    Filtered Value List


      I have a timesheet solution that needs to provide a list of tasks that an employee can choose from to record their time. Simple idea, however, the issue lies with wanting to show subtasks when all I have in allocations is project ID. My allocations table has year, month, empID and projectID. I have a relationship to the allocations table from the employee table based on empID, year and month (the individual chooses the month and year for which they are recording time). I have a relationship from allocations to subtasks based on projectID. I want to show the employee a complete list of subtasks based on their allocations for that month. Is there a way to do this? I think I'm just missing the key relationship I need to do this...


      Thanks for any assistance!


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          dhoudek@chapinhall.org wrote:


          I want to show the employee a complete list of subtasks based on their allocations for that month. 

          What fields are in the subtasks table that would enable such distinction?

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            Subtasks contains subtaskID, subtask_title, taskID, task_title, projectID and project_title.  There isn't anything in that table that I can grab to relate to an employee by allocations except projectID.  That's the main problem.  I have to go through the project relationship with allocations to get a list of subtasks.

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              Could we walk through this? I am an employee. I understand I am related, through allocations (not sure what exactly is that, but it has a month attribute), to several projects. Each project has many subtasks. If I want a list of all the subtasks of all of my projects in this month, I need a chain of relationships like this:


              Employees - [EmployeeID and Month] - Allocations - [ProjectID] - Subtasks

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                Employees - [employeeID, month, year] -> Allocations - [projectD] -> Subtasks


                These relationships exist as described.  I can include a view of the ERD if that's helpful.

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                  Got it! I had forgotten to add the direct relationship from allocations for staff to allocations for projects by project ID.  My filtered value list now works.  Thanks for helping me think about this properly.  I had been banging my head on it for awhile.