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    DEVCON 2012 registration


      I am a FBA member and I would like to go at DEVCON 2012 in Miami Florida as a floor visitor. I do not have the intention to assist at any of the activities like conference sessions, lunch, party, free FMPA copy, etc. Just visit the kiosque on the main floor. All I see is two kind of registration. Is there another registration form with lower fee that fits my needs ? Maybe paying right at the door ?

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          I'm not aware that FileMaker has ever offered such a registration. If memory serves, guests of attendees (typically spouses) have been allowed to buy a guest pass ($90 this year) to attend just the welcome reception. The welcome reception, though more casual, has always been a good time for me to catch up with vendors and others.

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            You are correct that many conferences have a 'exhibits only' badge which is much less money than the 'full badge'. FileMaker provides such a badge to the vendors as a part of their 'booth package'. We can purchase extra badges for $799 each.


            FileMaker Store TT659LL/A -Additional Exhibitor Only Pass


            I would gladly let you buy one of these badges through Worldcloud in exchange for a little help in setting up and tearing down our booth. I can review the 'exhibitor aggreement' to make sure we aren't violating any rules. We have the option of buying discounted full badges, but the notes clearly state that those can only be purchased for 'full-time employee's of the company'; however, I do not see such a note for the exhibitor badge.


            I'm pretty sure our badges get us everything except the sessions, bag, and FMPA NFR; so keynote, meals, FBA dinner, party, etc. If you where at Devcon last year, you will know that our booth assembly is a bit rough for two people, so we welcome anyone who may wish to help.

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              I would be interested in what the answer was to this from FileMaker if any Joe.

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                The answer I got is that I can buy an exhibitor badge for anyone, but the discounted full conference badges have to be for 'real' employee.