Design Decision - single or multiple tables?

Discussion created by pminich on Jan 30, 2012
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I am developing a reporting system for a restaurant company. One of the functions of the system will be sales reporting. I am trying to decide if I should have a single monolithic sales table or break the separate units out into separate tables.


Some of the considerations:

  • Currently 8 locations
  • Sales are imported from the POS system as individual checks, approximately 300 +/- checks per location/day
  • Checks contain information on diffferent cost centers, payment types, etc. that will be reported on


There are 2 initial primary uses of the system:

  • Reporting sales on a daily/weekly/monthly basis by location as well as by region or in total.
  • Reporting different types of sales (catering vs. in-house dining) for the same criteria as above.


I started down the path of a single table but am now having second thoughts and can see pros/cons of both strategies.


Any and all thoughts are appreciated!