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Discussion created by fmpros on Jan 31, 2012
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I'm hoping someone may have some insight into this. I'm putting together a complex app and I use SQL heavily using the Dracoventions SQL Runner plugin. Every now and then I notice that an SQL statement pauses for a time and then displays a message stating that there is a record locked (usually when I have multiple windows open). Does anyone know the rules regarding SQL operation with record locking? Specifically, if I'm just retrieveing data through a SELECT statement and one of the records in the target set is in use by another user, will that trigger the SQL pause? I can understand it if I'm doing an UPDATE or DELETE but would the SELECT still pull the data from a record in use?


I suppose there are ways of testing whether a record is locked in advance but the whole idea is to operate without having to get context sensitive. I need the confidence that a data set pulled is complete and/or don't want the big pauses and the exception thrown to the user. I know I can set the command to wait for idle time but that just throws in another unknown operational outcome.


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