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set field not working

Question asked by jc_sc on Jan 31, 2012
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Hi, I'm new, so this is probably something very basic I'm overlooking...


I'm writing a script to take shipping info downloaded into a DB from UPS, with multiple charges (records) for each tracking number (table 1) andcombine the multiple charges into one record for each tracking number for invoicing purposes.


I've created a second table where I want to take the first record for a shipment in table 1, copy the customer info into a new record in tabel 2, and then loop through creating a total shipping cost in table 2.


Problem: when I'm trying to use set field it will not write the info in table 2. The tables are linked using the tracking number, and best I can tell per help this should work.


I'm just trying all sorts of things to find my basic error to no avail. The data types are the same (text)...


Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


Best, JC_SC