Adding a Unique ID by combining other Unique ID's

Discussion created by pademo57 on Feb 1, 2012
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Hi There,

Our company has a unique company ID for each employee. We have 7 locations across the country each using the same training system.


An employee starts in a classroom then moves on to work a particular job in the factory. Once completed he returns to the classroom on a new course and repeats the cycle.


Head Office wants to have all the training info sent to them on a weekly basis. So currently I have:


Employee Table

EmpID (Primary Key)

EmpNo (Assigned by Company)


Course Table

CourID (Primary Key)


Since each Employee can take more than one Course and each Course can have more than one Employee to get around the many-to-many relationship:


EmpL_Cour Table

EmpLCourID (Primary Key)




The EmpL_CourID is used each day by the instructor to write up how the Employee is doing on an iPad in the Daily Assesment Table


My problem is, how do I make a unique ID using the Employee Number (EmpNo) and have it increment? This way, no two employees will have the same Assessment number no matter where they work across the country.


For example: Employee Number: 123456-AssessNo01, 123456-AssessNo02, 123456-AssessNo03, etc.


I can see in Filemaker Pro Advanced, I can put in a Calculated value or a Looked Up value, but how do I get them to increment?


Or is there a better way of doing this?