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Web Viewer Java Script works in FM9 but only sporadically in FM11

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2012
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I have a field calculation creating a java script which displays a number of points on a google map. This works perfectly fine in FM9 but when I open the same database (hosted on a FM11 Server) in FM11 the map will not be displayed, to be precise randomly it seems to work. But I could not find any pattern ;-(


At first I thought that there is an error in the calculation, or that other parts of the java script are not correct or that there are some issues with apostrophes or other special chars.

But funnily sometimes displaying the same record in the same database on the same computer does also work in FM11.


MacOS X 10.6.8


various FM11 versions tested

btw works fine in FM Go


Any known differences how WebViewer does work in FM9 and FM11?

Any ideas for a solution.