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    Automatic record creation from server


      Dear FMP Gurus


      Is this possible? - I want to run a script from FM Server to go and have a look in a shared folder on the network ( path manually specified ), check if there are any pictures in said folder, count how many, then create a FM record for each picture and put a reference to that picture in a container field on the just created record.

      The reason I want to do this is to make it possible to update pictures in a data separated solution where the front end is on an ipad using FM Go. As you know it is not possible to browse the network from within FM Go, so I thought if one could trigger a script which would then run from the server to create records and insert images automatically, I could overcome this limitation. There would also be issues such as only adding one more record when a new image is added to the folder and not the whole lot again.


      Thank you


      kind regards


      Chris G

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          Hi, Chris.


          What you want to do is, unfortunately, not directly supported in a Server script. Reference this text from the Help file under "Import Records":




          However, there are probably plugins that will allow you to do this. The Troi File plugin might support it (not sure, since I've never used it). You may also be able to do this using a robot client machine.