Data Separation Model

Discussion created by thommmes on Feb 2, 2012
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I am looking for some advice re the data separation model.


The present structure of my database:


File Menu for basic controls such as login, logout, central Tasks etc.

File Adresses is the central database that the Agents are using (call center)

additional Modules depending on the tasks, for example calenda, email (Plugin Mailit)

a central file work schedule for logging the agents' work times, accesse from any existing solution.


Presently there is a combination of these modules separately running for each client (as there are different tasks to be covered)

This means that whenaver an agent is changein his job, he has to log out from one solution and log in to the other one.


I want to reconfigure this, so that the agents will work with on central Menu file that has no data, and from there they should be able to call whatever files are necessary for a certain job.


I hope I made myself clear enough and will appreciate any tipps and suggestions


regards Thommes



System presently WIN XP FMPA 11

planning to switch to MAC Mini Server with WIN XP clients


I also posted this in the german Forum but expect more input from you people all aver the world