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Working with Portals and Self-joins

Question asked by sixpointsteve on Feb 2, 2012
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Haven't worked in Filemaker for several years (Version 7.0) Things have changed...

I have a Sales Opportunty table through an ODBC connection to SQL server. I believe this creates a "Shadow Copy" if the SQL view in FMP. I have a view active opportunities which shows details of the opportunity in a form view. I have two tabs below with self-joins based on Company and Salesperson. The intent is you can see other opportunties related to the Company or Salesperson you are currently looking at. My goal is to be able to click on an Opportunity in either portal and have the active opportunities view "Go to the Related record". In reading the documentation that "go to related record' script step does not work in "portals". Years ago I would have written a script, get the primary key for the opportunity selected in the portal, put it in a global field, then perform a search for the opportunity number by adding the global value into the find script step. I see there are variables now, I tried using them but I am only able to get the value of the current record in the Active Opportunities view, not the selected record in the portal. Hope this makes sense to someone...Any assistance would be appreciated. Seems my Filemaker skills need an upgrade too.