CWP: Accessing data from a table in a different file

Discussion created by Malcolm on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by Malcolm

I am using the Filemaker API to talk to an application that consists of multiple files. Each file has a single table within.


No matter how I try to address the related data I cannot get a result. Here's what I've done so far.


Created a "www" account in each file and given the account read-only privileges and allowed access via fmp_php.


In the primary file I have created new layouts for web use and restricted the www account to those layouts.


On those layouts I have placed the fields I want to use, including related data from the other tables. The related data has a 1:1 relationship so I don't need a portal. I simply placed the fields onto the layout.


When I try to use the the field the value is empty.

When I try to access the relatedSet the result is an error.

When I try to use calc fields which use the related data the value is empty.


However, I created a new table in the primary file, set up a relationship and created a few records. I put a field from that table onto the web layouts and I am able to get data from it.


All this points to an issue with permissions but I'm fairly sure that I've covered those bases.


Am I able to configure the databases so that I can pull data from a table in a different file? Or do I have to address each file independently?