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    Upgrading FMS Advanced to v11.


      I am getting ready to upgrade a Mac and a Windows server from FMS Advanced v10 to v11. I am also upgrading about 150 users from FMP v10 to v11 (Macs and PCs). Should I upgrade the servers first and then the users, or does it matter? Are there any issues I need to be aware of?

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          Just my opinion, but I'd tend toward the server upgrade first.


          Don't add any FileMaker 11 features until everyone has been upgraded, but otherwise everyone can use either client with the FMServer (Advanced) 11.


          Make backups and store somewhere off server first (if possible) <== my paranoia a play here...



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            If you wanted to follow industry best practices then you should have a 'sandbox' to test with. Most FileMaker upgrades go with no problems, but there have been a few behavior changes over the years. If you would like to 'test', I can setup a FileMaker 11 Server and some FileMaker 11 virtual clients so that you can answer this question without creating chaos with your users.



            I tend to find more issues with the client side with multiple versions of the OS, Java, FileMaker patches, and plug-ins. If you deployed the same virtual client to all your upgrade testing would be much easier and your clients are easier to maintain.


            With all that being said, we've performed the 10 to 11 upgrade over a hundred times and as long as you don't mess with the Java versions, you should have no problems.




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