Windows 7 not printing merge fields (OK in XP and Mac)

Discussion created by usbc on Feb 2, 2012
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I have a mature solution which uses merge fields for the client's return address on invoices, etc,

The data is held in a normal preferences file and they continue to work just fine with all the XP and Mac clients (FMP v11).

Two employees there have just been issued Windows 7 laptops and they cannot see in Preview or print those megre fields.


I have changed fonts / removed any style formating / re-did them from scratch on a XP computer / on a Mac - nothing.

For now I have hard typed the address onto the layout to keep them going but it can't stay that way.


The only difference for this customer from my other customers is that they are serving the files from a Windows 7 Professional box.(FMSv11).

It is a new computer with nothing else running on it.


I'm too old to think there is a single check box that will fix it but young enough to hope ...


Any hope ?