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    Windows 7 not printing merge fields (OK in XP and Mac)



      I have a mature solution which uses merge fields for the client's return address on invoices, etc,

      The data is held in a normal preferences file and they continue to work just fine with all the XP and Mac clients (FMP v11).

      Two employees there have just been issued Windows 7 laptops and they cannot see in Preview or print those megre fields.


      I have changed fonts / removed any style formating / re-did them from scratch on a XP computer / on a Mac - nothing.

      For now I have hard typed the address onto the layout to keep them going but it can't stay that way.


      The only difference for this customer from my other customers is that they are serving the files from a Windows 7 Professional box.(FMSv11).

      It is a new computer with nothing else running on it.


      I'm too old to think there is a single check box that will fix it but young enough to hope ...


      Any hope ?



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          Could be an issue with printer drivers. Check and update as required.

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            Stephen Huston

            Hi Chuck,


            I agree with Vaughan that printer drivers are a likely issue.


            However, just because you redid the layouts, fonts etc doesn't necessarily mean you used cross-platform compatible fonts which match for all the OS version involved. If you designed on Mac or XP, you could still be using fonts that don't exactly match those supplied on your version of W7.


            Try known cross-platform fonts such as Verdana and see if that will print. If so it's probably worth trying to define the fonts from a W7 computer to be sure you re slecting something compatible. And of course check that the other OS still work. The number of X-plat fonts is larger than it once was, but there are still issues even with things various Times fonts between different Mac OS versions.


            If choosing the fonts from the W7 computer still won't print, then it's almost certainly printer driver issues.


            Let us know what you find out so we'll know more the next time some posts this particular printing issue.


            Stephen Huston

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              Interesting. I hadn't considered that XP fonts might not be compatible on Win 7.


              The other thing that is curious is that the very same fonts that I tried with the merge fields work perfectly when typed directly onto the layout.


              I've asked the client to do a check for updates via the automatic wizzard. I'm not sure they will be anxious to reinstall drivers,

              "Mysteriously", from Microsoft's own website:

              "If you've connected a printer to your computer and it doesn't work - or mysteriously stops working - you might need to reinstall or update its driver. "


              I will check back if I get an answer / resolution.