New to filemaker having some difficulty with relationships

Discussion created by tinacam on Feb 2, 2012
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As i said i am new to filemaker....I am working with the tutorials and I have created 4 tables which i have linked with primary and foreign keys.

We have a business that works with companies that manage multiple buildings. so each one client will have 100's of buildings I need to link.

I have done this with a one-many relationship using a primary key for the company table and a foreign key in the building site table.

I am creating a layout that displays both tables which i can get working to a certain degree...the main problem i have is I can only retrieve one record...i have gone into find mode typed in some details of other records i have entered but it still only retrieve the same record over and over again....

is there anyone that can tell me what i have done wrong????

i am getting very frustrated i know it can be done as i used to work with a file maker database before and it could do it....i just dont know how to make it do it..

any help, advise would be appreciated.