iOS Runtime apps

Discussion created by skywillmott on Feb 3, 2012
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So I am currently working on a really neat FileMaker solution for FileMaker Go and I've just had a great idea!


Using FileMaker Pro Advanced I can currently create stand-alone 'Runtimes' that run on Mac and Windows.... What would be really amazing is if I could create standalone iOS runtime Apps that I could either distribute freely or submit to and sell through the App Store the same as any other app.


Of course this might mean loss of sales of FileMaker Go for FileMaker Inc, but as Apple take their 30% share of sales of apps on the App Store, and as FileMaker is also owned by Apple, then I'm sure internally they could come to an arrangement whereby FileMaker gets a large cut of that 30%.... No doubt sales of the premium priced FileMaker Pro Advanced would also rocket as it would provide an amazing simple way to create sophisticated iOS apps....


Hmmm, perhaps something that could come in a future version??? I think it would be truly awesome.... discuss


Actually a couple of other things I would also love to see in FMGo - the swipe gesture to move between records when in Form View..., and perhaps also transitions when switching between different layouts, e.g. fade, slide, etc...