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    iOS Runtime apps


      So I am currently working on a really neat FileMaker solution for FileMaker Go and I've just had a great idea!


      Using FileMaker Pro Advanced I can currently create stand-alone 'Runtimes' that run on Mac and Windows.... What would be really amazing is if I could create standalone iOS runtime Apps that I could either distribute freely or submit to and sell through the App Store the same as any other app.


      Of course this might mean loss of sales of FileMaker Go for FileMaker Inc, but as Apple take their 30% share of sales of apps on the App Store, and as FileMaker is also owned by Apple, then I'm sure internally they could come to an arrangement whereby FileMaker gets a large cut of that 30%.... No doubt sales of the premium priced FileMaker Pro Advanced would also rocket as it would provide an amazing simple way to create sophisticated iOS apps....


      Hmmm, perhaps something that could come in a future version??? I think it would be truly awesome.... discuss


      Actually a couple of other things I would also love to see in FMGo - the swipe gesture to move between records when in Form View..., and perhaps also transitions when switching between different layouts, e.g. fade, slide, etc...



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          Hi Sky,


          I think thats an awesome idea! Agreed, if developers knew that they could distribute apps on the app store using FileMaker Pro, it would sell bucket loads! I owuldnt even mind giving FileMaker a cut of 10% of my app fees, just so that they can invest more in the product and make it better.


          Very interesting....

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            I have heard rumors to this affect, but I'm not sure if there is any basis to the rumors. I agree that it would be a great additional to the product line, but I'm not sure it would hurt sales of FileMaker go as much as you imply. There are plenty of users which will purchase a $5 app, but will not spend $40 for FileMaker Go, plus the cost of the FM solution.


            If the restrictions in runtime remain similar, I think that a percentage of these 'runtime app' users would upgrade to FileMaker Go (and profoseesional hosting) just to have the ability to share information to other users via the network- just like with the current runtime solutions.


            I would also argue that traditional runtime solutions have been used more for data delivery, and small purpsoe-driven solutions than the average FileMaker Pro solution. If my logic is correct, I would argue that FileMaker based runtime solutions have not harmed FileMaker Pro sales as often times they are different markets.


            Count me in as someone who votes 'yes' for this feature...




            If you have never looked at it, FM Touch (by FM Webschool) allows some of this;  but it's unclear to me if they are still supporting that product...

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              Has anyone heard anything new on this subject? I am closed to finished on a full scale solution for the company I work for. We would love to sell this software to others and maybe host the data and charge a monthly fee - however the solution has to support mobile and its just not the same requiring the end users to download filemaker GO. I know it sounds harsh, but ideally I wouldnt even want them to know what FileMaker is - they just need to know the name of my product.


              I was hoping to see this in FM13 :/

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                Wow.   Yah.   That would be a pretty radical game changer for FMI.   That would require some out of the box thinking for them to support and endorse.   It might be too much for them to swallow.   I am not being negative... but they have NOT been fans of the Pro runtime... at all.  If they could kill it... they would.   There is no revenue in it.


                If they could monitize it... wow... especially a Go Runtime.   Like an automatic $10 fee for each runtime you sell.   People would bitch and complain about a price like that... but wow.


                Yah... instant platform game changer!


                - RC

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                  Having to use FileMaker Go with a subscription based solution hasn't been a problem for us.  Users simply install FMGo during the initial setup process for free.  Using the App Maker (or a modified version of it) will produce a launch icon from your user's home screen.  I'd personally rather do that simple additional step than have someone take a percentage.  It's a very workable business model.

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                    Interesting. Have you run into issues using the App Maker? I have read it's for Mac only. I am currently designing on Windows. I wonder if there is a way to allow a user to download that icon over the Internet instead of having to install it directly by plugging it in?

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                      Maybe we're referring to different things.  FileMaker released a "App Maker" filemaker file that automates the process of creating a web profile for iOS which results in an icon of your choosing being added to the home screen.  It's for iOS, not OS X.  As for installing it, I've only had success via email or a URL.  Attempts to install it from within a FileMaker solution have been, thus far, unsuccessful.

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                        I think there are some bugs in the URL protocal in GO 13.0.2.  I don't have the details off hand... but if so...that could affect this process.


                        - RC

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                          You mean the iPhone Configuration Utility? Only problem I see is I would have to physically have the device in hand. I was hoping to just provide a link on my website to download the "app". Or maybe I am confusing what you are doing with something else.


                          At the end of the day I just want to provide a simple way for my customers to download my iPad go File to their devices.

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                            Look in the iOS Resources within this site and you'll find FileMaker's App Maker.  It's just a simple FileMaker database file that assists in creation of user friendly app icons for iOS devices.


                            For downloading the solution, a website download link works well for us.  We actually use FileMaker's WebDirect to have clients authenticate before downloading their Pro or Go solutions.

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                              The app maker has some bugs. It seems to not work well with iphones and ios7. It gives me a warning screen. It sometimes only loads the file every other try.


                              FM support suggested creating a web file that pointed to the FM file since the app maker is not very reliable all the time.