Virtual Appllcation Technology and FileMaker

Discussion created by worldcloud on Feb 2, 2012
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We have been offering Microsoft RemoteApp and Citrix XenApp services for quite some time, but recently have become intriged at offerings from 2X, Ericom, WebRDP, AquaConnect, nComputing and others. We also seem to attend almost a confernece at month where we keep finding new VDI vendors- this month we are heading to Orlando for the Parallels Summit.


We have installed all of these products in our test lab and can see advanatages and disadvantages to each. We are testing these technologies for use mainly with FileMaker Pro and wondered how many developers where utilizing virtual clients, which technologies they where using and what they liked about each; or more useful- what you hate about them.


We are very open about the technologies we use and would be happy to discuss this topic with anyone. Our most popular services are where we 'stream' only the FileMaker window and not the desktop- user tend to get confused with two desktops. The old issues of printing and sharing a clipboard are mostly gone, but accessing serial ports, scanners, etc are still tricky and better supported in some products than others.