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    Early contact management


      Way back when if Filemaker Pro V there was a starter contact management program that was a relational databae that linked contacts with individual meetings. Does anyone have that database??

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          One of these?


          Picture 8.png

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            Lyndsay Howarth wrote:


            One of these?


            Hi Lyndsay,


            I expect Fred may be talking about the ContactManagement.fp5 template that shipped with FileMaker 6. However it was scarcely relational, and I don't recall it having any provision for linking contacts with meetings - so that doesn't seem to fit the description, I'm afraid.





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              Yes... I thought that too... and made an edit to my email... but forgot to check the box to include the edit notes before clicking the update button... well... then I got dragged away to feed my family...


              This set above is from the FMP5U templates. I did look at the v6 folder but couldn't see any template files... must have tossed them years ago. I looked in v 8, 8.5, 9, 10 and 11 folders and I really can't find what he was looking for. The ContactManagement.fp7 templates don't seem to have any meeting tools.


              There were, however the "FileMaker Applications" and one of those was "FileMaker Meetings". That may be available on this community site as a download or maybe on the FIleMaker site in the solutions section... but I am not able to supply that to Fred because of the license.


              People using the templates has been the bane of my existence over the years. I don't know how many times I've been handed a job and been told it was custom designed by some other 'developer'... only to find the same old non-localised slightly remodelled template that was being passed off as original work.


              My advise to Fred would be to start from scratch... and perhaps employ a consultant to help with the base relationships and core elements... leaving him to build the appropriate detail. Those templates are all too old and do not take advantage of all the fantastic improvements in FM over the past 3 versions...unless they are perfect for the job without modification. By all means copy elements from them and redeploy the things that you like... but construct your new database in such a way that you understand what's there... Also, visit Ray's site to find downloadable examples of really good database structures and interface ideas which are unlocked. There are many other developers with examples to download and how-to's that are worth a look.


              - Lyndsay

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                Amen to your comments, Lyndsay!

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                  The one that I was talking about included contacts, invoicing, inventory, contact dates, etc.  I have it on a 5 inch floppy but that drive does not exist anymore.  I used it fo many years and changed to the new one which is not relational.  I want the activities program to add to the contact management database.  With the old one you could pull up a client and then pull up the activities ( phone, email, contact and date) associated with that one.

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                    5 inch floppy, eh... that was a while ago.... and not on a Mac


                    It must have been after v3 when FM became 'relational'... If it was all in one file... then it was v7 or later.

                    This means that it either had a .fmp (from memory) extension or a .fp5 if it was prior to 7 or a .fp7 extension from 7 on... do you remember. I would have to hunt thru CDs that are maybe 10 years old to find it...


                    What you are talking about sorta rings a bell... but my advise still stands.


                    - Lyndsay