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Instant Web Publishing And Lion Server. How?

Question asked by dtkleo on Feb 4, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by sibren

I'm not an advanced user of FileMaker, but I am trying to use Instant web publishing (IWP) with Lion Server. The problem is every time I click OK to set FileMaker's IWP, it crashes. The last success I had with IWP was on Snow Leopard (not server). Just a guess but I think that Lion Server doesn't like to share control for web resources on the Mac. I am considering going back to Lion without the Server to make IWP work again but that would be a step backward. So I'll probably just let it be. I put this question here for others who might look for the same thing. How do you get FileMaker's Instant Web Publishing to work with Lion Server? Thanks for your time.