FileMaker Go and CNS barcode reader

Discussion created by chrislow on Feb 3, 2012
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Hi to everybody,


I did some testing with filemaker go and the cns barcode reader and everything worked really good!

I have used the fmp7script to start the scanning out of a local filemaker file and to do the callback to fm all ednded up with a search script.


Next step was to connect my local file on the iphone to a file on a server, so that all records of the server file are shown on the local iphone file.

I am using the same password on the local file as on the server file. If I start my local file there is no problem with connecting to the server file.

Everything works fine up to this point.


Now I start scanning with a button in the local file. Camera of cns barcode scanner opens, I do my scan the callback goes back to filemaker go.

And now the problem is that I have to enter my username and password to the file on the server!


That not good- password is quite long...


Is there any help to avoid this. Is it possible to have the password in the fmp7script for connecting?

Yes I know, opening a remote file by using fmp7script with the password is possible.

But I do not want to open it, I just want my local file to be open.

Why is my local file doing this conncetion to the server file correctly and why am I asked to enter the password after the scanning?


Thanks very much for every solution.




Christoph Lohmann