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Open url script step

Question asked by norhagy on Feb 3, 2012
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We developed an in house solution that creates and updates records on a website that uses php and MySQL. We know little about php, MySQL or website development and the company that developed our site knows little about FM. But working together we came up with a solution that allowed us to create and update records on our website using the open url script step. This has worked beautifully for over 6 years with XP OS. But we are starting to replace some of our computers with Windows 7 OS and the same script will not work. Of course the website developer claims everything is working correctly on their end and the problem is with Windows 7 and/or Filemaker, which may be the case.


We are using FM10, Windows 7 professional , IE8, and MS Security Essentials for our AV. We concatenate a web link ( with a field identifier (code) plus the field data. We then upload the concatenated field using the open url script step. Works great with XP. Below is a sample portion of the field calculation. There is actually about 25 fields of data. When we want to update an existing record from FM we used the same calculation but substitute “/update.php?” for “/submit.php?”.


"" &
"u" & "=" & MasterID & "&" &
"fn" & "=" & FName & "&" &
"mn" & "=" & MName & "&" &
"ln" & "=" & LName …….etc.


When we call the script in Windows 7 to upload all the data the screen flashes but nothing happens, not even an error from FM. (BTW, I tried using Fire Fox and Chrome). However, if I reduce the amount of data to about 1/2 the upload is successful. So, using an XP machine with FM10 will upload all the data (up to 2048 characters) but the same script fails (with no error message) using a Windows 7 machine.


However, if I reduce the amount of data to approximately 1/2 (about a 1000 characters), the script will run successfully with Windows 7. Can anyone explain why this is so and is there a fix. To put it another way, why will the open url script step upload more characters with XP than with Windows 7? We need to keep the same amount of data for our uploads. Thanks for your help.


added note:

There is something I forgot to mention in the earlier post which might be helpful. If I paste the the concatenated formula into the url, it works. So there would seem to be a conflict between FM and Windows 7 when running the Open URL script.