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My Beloved Filemaker Pro remains in infancy

Question asked by listen2earth on Feb 3, 2012

Filemaker Pro remains not only in its infancy but remains in idiomatic expression when it comes to Relationships.


If FileMaker Pro is the developers dream for database Relationship and if FileMaker's structured developments is to continue elaborating on its abilities to build databases upon Relationships of 'FIELDS', "thenFileMaker Pro can come to understand its current idiomatic ofRelationship with Scripts'.


FileMakers Relationships within our precious databases has everything to do with only fields. While FileMakers Relationships has nothing whatsoever to do with Relationships with Scripts.


If it wasn't forFileMakers ability as a Scripter, fields would be worthless and almost could not exist.


Why is FileMakers Relationship emphasis not upon the Scripter ?


How canFileMaker upholdRelationships just only for Fields ?


Mislay a Table and, "pooh your in the smoke ruins and ashes of total lost of data and worse nightmare is NOT the lost of precious data it is the totalcollapse of all your ten's of thousands of Script Steps showing <unknown fields>.


Until my belovedFileMaker arrives at simply upholdingRelationships for Scripts i will have to do it myself by creating enormous notations upon all my Scripts inRelationships for simply tellingFileMaker Pro, hey you dare to break my High And Mighty PreciousRelationships in any way then you can repair it yourself amidst all my scripts with my notations pointing the direction to what field is the <unknown> what Relationship collapsed my entire I.A.M PROGRAM.


jesus Land Tidd