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    Corrupted database after transfer to iPad/iPhone




      I have several databases on my desktop computer and I bought also the GO-versions for iPad and iPhone. I transfered the data via iTunes. The transfer worked fine for all data,

      except one database.

      In that database I use a relation. The database has eleven fields. If I transfer the data to my iPhone only the first two text fields get filled with data, all other fields are empty.

      If I transfer the data to the iPad, the first field and the field used for the relation together with the data field taken form the related data base is filled and all other fields remain empty.

      Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be?

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          gumbreit, Did you try to "recover" (a copy) of the database?


               File menu, Recover...


          It may reveal something.


          Also I like to run a DDR with FileMaker Pro Advanced, as it often shows problems.

               Tools menu, Database Design Report...


          Because you know there is a problem, run the Recover first. These links might help:


          http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7026/~/file-recovery-enhancements-in-filemaker-pro-10 (also applies to fm11)



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            Hello Beverly, thank you for the quick answer. I did the consistency check in the recover dialog. All was fine. Then I started the recovery process

            and transfered that file to the the iPad. Before I deleted the database on the iPad. But it didn't help.

            I couldn' t find the Database Design Reportor something similar. The problem is that I use the German version.

            I already had the problem woth Filemaker Pro 9, but recently I switched to Pro 11 version, but the problem remained.


            Perhaps I haven an idea. The original database is very old it moved form Atari, to Next and Windows and now to the Mac. Due to that there are still

            some strange characters in the data. May those cause a problem?

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              Before you assume corruption there are a couple of other things that you should check.


              Given that this is a database that sounds like has been through a few versions of FileMaker and it consists of multiple files - check all of the file references. Maybe there are several file references that have gotten messed up or are not resolving properly in FM Go. You may have multiple file references in a single file for the same database.


              If they aren't already, I'd try having all of the files in the same folder and all of the file references as simple as possble. If the files are in multiple folders, maybe there is a bad character in the file path that Go can't handle when trying to move them to the iOS device.


              Are the missing fields displayed via the relationship or are they filled in via a lookup? If it is the lookup method then perhaps the strange characters you mentioned are preventing the lookup from performing properly. Are all of the fields involved in the lookup indexed in the same manner - the same language, unicode, etc?

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                I just realized that the problem is not the missing data, but the displaying of the data. The field looks blank, but if I try to edit it, then the correct text appears.