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    Wrong window displays when selected from menu


      Has anybody experienced, after running a script, and then attempting to select a file from the "Select Window" menu option, that the wrong window gets selected the first time. Re-selecting always brings up the proper window/file. I've been working on an older iMac and thought maybe it was the OS. I just setup a new iMac (27") with Lion and still getting the same behavior. This has been going on with FMP10A and FMP11A for over two years. And no, I'm not missing my selection. Any clues?




      Dennis Carr

      AdTool, Inc.

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          Stephen Huston

          Hi Dennis,


          Have experienced this a lot with pull-down menus in FM 11.

          • MAC 10.6.X, all revs of FM Advanced 11 over the last 2 years.

          I have gotten in the habit of going to the pull-down, slowing going to the items just below the item I want, and then moving slowingly back up to my target item and releasing when it is clearly highlighted.


          For some reason, if done with this deliberateness, the menu selection does work the first time. Though it seems slow,  I've found it to be faster than getting the wrong window and having to try again.


          This seems a common problem in all window/file selection lists, including Window menu, Open Favorites, etc.


          Stephen Huston

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            Thanks so much for replying. I thought I was my problem alone as I've not seen reference to this

            anywhere else. Do you know if anybody has reported this to FileMaker?


            Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.


            Dennis Carr


            AdTool, Inc.


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              I've been using FileMaker on Mac (At least up to Snow Leopard) and Windows for many years and have never seen this behavior.


              I have seen a similar behavior with the color picker on the Mac. When I choose a color for the text or background of a text box in the relationship graph, it always takes two tries.


              Also, sometimes in Windows, typing "1" in the layout number field of the status area, the number changes to something else and I end up on the wrong layout.

              Re-starting FileMaker fixes the latter issue.


              -- Erik