New Window Command Feature Request

Discussion created by BruceRobertson on Feb 6, 2012
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I would like to see a "New Window" command that gives us more options.


The existing GTRR command comes close but has some limitations.


The Go to Related Record command (GTRR) allows us to specify the window name, location, size, and layout.


It also allows us some control over the found set of related records that will be selected in the new window.


Limitations of existing GTRR command with new window option:


You must be in browse mode.

You can only go to layouts that are based on related table occurrences.


Limitations of existing new window command:


It duplicates the exisitng window

It may trigger on record load script triggers

There may be performance issues including from the display of summary or related data.


Ideally you would be able specify in a single new record command:



Window name

Status bar status (show, hide, locked, unlocked)

Window location and size

View state (form, list, table)

Mode (Browse, Find, Preview)


Being able to specify the found set would be nice but we have control over that with scripted finds.


It is possible to get part way there by using the GTRR command by turning on error capture, going to a self-related table occurrence, and using the calculation method for selecting the layout name or number. The layout name/nunber by calc method does allow you to use a variable.