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      I have a client that is having issues with the FileMaker program installed on their server. The info I got from their IT support is that about once a week they have one or more processes get completely out of control and will utilize between 50 and 100% of the available CPU.

      Today the process was fmshelper.exe and it handily sucked back 50% of the CPU all day long until they they terminated it at (with no visible ill-effects). Apparently, the server is now idling at 1% CPU or less and the process hasn't returned.


      Not sure of the server version.

      Any ideas?

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          This would be a version of FileMaker Server prior to 11. I could not tell you off hand which version (10, 9, etc), but they had multiple services that are part of the FM Server. With version 11 of Server, these have been combined into one service on Windows and it can make a big difference. I have seen this same thing you describe in the past with prior versions of Server for Windows, but it did not get to the frequency of occurence that you indicate. You can go through the usual things to think about that I have heard can help or did help in my experience.


          - Find out the specs of the server. What version of FM server, what server OS, do they have sufficent RAM, sufficient hard drive space. Are they running other things on the box or is it dedicated to FM Server.

          - Is this behavior recent? If so, did anything change on the server about the time the problems started?

          - Do they have the FM server configured correctly for RAM cache and so forth.


          - If feasible, I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of FM server. I have personally seen fewer hiccups with v11 than with previous versions running on Windows server (Win 2003 in my particular case).


          - Does the client keep the Admin Console open on the server all the time? Suggest that they open the console, do their tasks and then close it.

          - Might be worth looking into a regularly scheduled reboot of the server.

          - Might come to the conclusion that it would be worth refreshing the FM Server box. By this, I mean removing and then re-installing FM Server. If going this route, I personally would start completely fresh and wipe the drive(s), install the Windows Server OS from scratch and then the FM Server application.


          - Review the FM server configuration guide that comes with the server application. It will have all kinds of guidelines, configuration intstructions and so forth.




          Doug de Stwolinska