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    Reports Using IWP


      Hi All,


      I'm just starting work on a DB using IWP. I discovered that the report I built to give the client the aggregated data they need will not work because I'm using sub-summary reporting get the values they need. I'm curious what others might be doing to get around this issue (I found documentation that IWP does not support subsummarys, please correct me if I'm wrong) when users might need to see the data totals compiled and in a report format.


      Also, let me know if there is a better forum rather than just 'general' regarding IWP - I didn't see anything IWP specific.


      Thanks for any suggestions or guidance,



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          Hi Leah,


          Yes, I'm afraid that's correct - sub-summary parts don't appear in IWP's equivalent of 'browse mode' (actually 'browser mode' ), and IWP doesn't offer any equivalent for 'preview mode'. For data that's accessed via IWP, it's therefore preferable to provide all the required information or 'output' on screen and not rely on conventional report formats or printed output, since browsers also don't provide the printing options and controls available in the FileMaker Pro client.


          As part of that, you might want to explore ways of presenting summary data in screen formats using a related table and calculations that provide aggregates (using calculation functions such as Count( ), Sum( ) etc...) rather than relying on conventional summary fields and report formats.


          It requires a slightly different way of thinking, but will pay off for users who access the solution via IWP.





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            Leah, there is a Using Web Technologies forum https://fmdev.filemaker.com/community/discuss/web here.


            Ray makes a good suggestion.

            Other idea(s):


            Create an HTML table (calculated) and display it in a Web Viewer on a layout.


            Create a PDF of the report and email it (as attachment) to the person needing the report.


            You've run into another limitation of IWP, investigate CWP with xml (through php, asp, etc.) or ODBC (various web apps).



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              Thank you Beverly and Ray - this really helps get me headed in the right direction (I wasn't even sure where to start).