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Weird ? issue with Source File in Table Occurrences

Question asked by jeff777 on Feb 8, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by jeff777

I have a 45 file solution currently running on FM Server 11 Advanced that was originally built in FMPro 5-6 (by someone else). All of the External Data Source paths are set to use relative (file:filename) paths only, but the Source File listed in the TO's is using the "fmnet:/IPAddress/filename" path - in the case of one table its even "fmnet:/*/filename".


Logically it seems this would be a performance problem if the db files, which are all in a single folder on the server, are having to resolve the fmnet path rather than just using the relative path. I know the * in the path is a major no-no.


If I go to External Data Sources and add a source by navigating to the file through the Add File... > Remote selection, the file is added to Data Sources with the relative path, but the TO still has the fmnet path, so it's not just the pre-existing TO's - even the file with the * in the path comes over that way every time even though in the Open Remote dialog where I select it to add it displays the full IPAddress. So I can't just redo all the data sources.


Never seen this before and can't find anything online. I manage/develop several other solutions and the TO's all use the relative path, so this concerns me. We're currently rebuilding to take advantage of more modern features and to address performance issues we're experiencing as we grow - so I want to get this right.


If anyone knows what's going on - especially if there's a way to correct this, I'd appreciate any insight.


Other details

Files are named with an extension other than fp7

DB files are on separate HD than FM Server (still on the same machine)