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Import/parse tab-delimited csv fields in quotes?

Question asked by jonathanschoel on Feb 8, 2012
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Thanks in advance for your help!


I have a tab txt file and the data is encapsulated with quotes (""). So it goes "Data" (TAB) "Data" (TAB) "Data"

The file contains the profile information of people who are applying for jobs so the data coming over is their contact, work history, resumes, etc. The resumes, with all of the extra spaces, were the problem (which is the reason for the quotes). My test file (attached) contains 6 dummy records. Without the quotes, FM imported the data and created over 700 records - a new record for every line of each resume. When I removed the resumes from the file the import worked great - but I need the resumes! Hence the quotes.


I'll be getting a new file on a recurring basis but I'm stuck on how I can tell the system that the data in the first quote goes to the NameFirst filed and the data in the second quote goes to the NameLast field, etc. I'm sure there is a way to script the system to "scrub" the data, maybe even reduce all of the spaces in the resume to single spacing (formating isn't as important as importing!) before import but the spacing isn't as much of an issue as the system knowing all of the resume data between the quotes goes into the ResumeText field.


Argh. My brain is stuck. Help?