Can I build this Filemaker solution on my own? image map attached

Discussion created by sheilasmithnc on Feb 8, 2012
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I own a small pet sitting business and want a software solution that will tie together client/pet profiles, appointment scheduling and email. Attached is a map of what I want to accomplish (you can also view the file at:


Is this a project that a layperson can handle? I built the client profile using Bento, and the mileage and gas logs are easy enough. But some of the features, like the scheduling, are beyond my abilities.


Does anyone know of a template that would allow me to create an interface like the "Schedule New Job" screen to book multiple pet sitting visits per day, over a number of days? Is it possible to auto-generate confirmation emails? Is it difficult to get emails and calendar events to automatically sync up with the client profile?


Thanks in advance for your input.