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    Hardware/Hard Drive Question


      Hi Folks:


      I've been looking at various external drive enclosures looking for a 6GPS (Sata III) eSata enclosure and interface card for Windows. There are lots of interface cards that claim to be 6GPS(Sata III), but when you look at the specifications, the enclosures all seem to have an interface that is Sata II (3GPS). Does anyone know of a combination that is 6GBPS all the way through?




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          OK, no answers.  I'll follow up.  I heard some talk about folks starting to use SSD Drives at Devcon this year and getting some very good performance increases with these new drives.   Can anyone share there experience with these drives and the practicaly implications they've seen related to Filemaker or SQL Database performance?



          Lee Snover

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            Hi Lee,


            I posted something in May about tests I ran with lots of different configurations using 4 high-end 3G SSDs (6G hadn't debuted yet). The focus of the tests was to see how SSDs compared to themselves using different numbers of drives, different RAID configs, and different amounts of RAM.


            I didn't say much about how the SSDs performed in relation to my previous config that used 6 15K SAS drives in 3 RAID 0s (for performance-1 for OS, 1 for FMS, and 1 for backups; redundancy was handled through a robust backup strategy and a ready alternate FMS box) with 4 GB RAM. But it wasn't even close. Granted, it was not apples to apples. I was comparing a 4-year-old $5,000 Dell PowerEdge to a new, similarly priced Mac Pro. Across a battery of 18 tests (user scripts and server-side scripts), the configs with the SSDs were about 15% faster than the config with the 15K SAS drives in user tests and about twice as fast in the server tests.


            This was my original post: https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/54921#54921


            Gordon Shewach

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              Thanks Gordon:


              I remember this post.  I'm trying to get a solution that will run on Windows and allow the full exploitation of the new 6G drives.  Hoping we can pump up the speed a bit.

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                Stephen Blackwell had a write up on SSD's here.  Interesting info, and good thoughts about the pros and cons of SSD's.