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Discussion created by DavidJondreau on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by RayCologon

I'm doing a conversion (from 2.0!). I've converted the 2.0 file to 6 then to 11. I've created an Import file in which all my importing logic takes place (scripts, TOs, extra fields etc). I import the data from the old file into the import file. Then I import those records into the local TOs of new database using the new db as an external data source.


I've run into one glitch though.


When importing into one particular table, I can add new records, but both options to update are grayed out. I think it's because there are no records in the table yet. This is annoying because I'm writing a script to Import the table twice. Once to move the PK over (with no auto enter option) and non-auto entered data over, then again to update the keys.


I assume Filemaker is trying to be helpful, but it's just annoying.


My first world problem for the day.