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SubSummary field in footer for record total

Question asked by techt on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by techt

I'm trying to place a sub-summary calc field into the footer, but the wrong amount is displayed. This is for a invoice report that has a summary page where the total bill is calculated, followed but x-pages where the invoice is broken down category, with a category total for each page. When the calc field is in a trailing subsummary part, the number is calculated correctly. When it's in the footer, it shows the total for the entire bill. This is expected behavior, but the client wants the category totals in the footer, not trailing the line items in the report.


Short of rebuilding a rather complicated invoicing script (100s of lines) to break out and recalc for each category, I'm hoping somewhere out there someone has had something similar that might be a much quicker and more elegant answer for a subsummary calc in the footer.

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