Calling an external script

Discussion created by pedantic on Feb 10, 2012
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I've been looking at the Perform Script command and I don't see how it can work for a malleable path. What I mean is, on the Mac, let's say I want to call a script in the file I call "fishes of the world." If I am working on the Mac, on Cathy's machine her path to that file might be /Users/Cathy/Desktop/Menagerie/Fishes of the World.fp7. On Thomas' machine, the path might be /Users/Thomas/Desktop/Menagerie/Fishes of the World.fp7. And on Jeremiah's machine it might be /Users/Jeremiah/Desktop/Menagerie/Fishes of the World.fp7. Yet when I create a data source for a Perform Script command, I am not given the opportunity to perform any kind of calculation to adjust the path according to the current user's path to the desktop.


So how does one create a Perform Script command for an external script when the path to the file containing the script varies?