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Sticky printers

Question asked by carfiles on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2012 by fredpnet

I am in the middle of developing a runtime solution for several clients. One of my problems at present is with "Printer Scripts". My clients require a Laser Printer for their normal printing but ocassionally they need to switch to an Impact Printer to print certain documents, then they need to switch back to their original Laser Printer. The problem is switching back to the Laser Printer, the script hangs on the Impact Printer and even when you manually select the Laser Printer, it reverts (restores) to the Impact Printer all by itself. My temporary solution is to open the script itself and change printers from within the script, but my clients hate that fix, pushing buttons is hard enough for them. Anyone out there has a script that works well switching back and forth when using multiple printers (windows). Thanks...Gary