FileMaker Integration With Skype Made Easy v2.0

Discussion created by RonSmithMD on Feb 11, 2012
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I've extensively rewritten the Skype integration document by request to include the Skype Sign In and Sign Out capabilities. I've also added a Skype.fp7 working database so that you can immediately get started seeing this work with Skype.You are welcome to copy and use my code. Attribution would be appreciated if you would, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would rate my documents if you read them, as I put a lot of time and effort to make them as good as possible.


A couple of things are important to note. I've added the ability to link a checkbox in FileMaker with the "Sign me in when Skype starts" checkbox" so that they should be coordinated. The database works and you can play with multiple logins, multiple contacts and phone numbers.


Hope you enjoy. Again, if you would please rate my document. It is tagged with personal_document_repository so you can locate it. You might some of my other integration documents helpful also.


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